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Flood Relif Operation In Chennai & Cuddalore (December 2015)

Chennai - India's fourth-largest city was paralyzed due to the flooding from record rainfall during November & December 2015 - the heaviest in more than a hundred years - has cut off more than 3 million people from basic services for days. At least 270 people have died.

Though India's military has positioned to a "war footing" to support the city, many relief efforts have been organized by neighbors, various NGOs and coordinated via social media. This is a "largely volunteer driven effort." We were really moved by the experience and would say that "This flood actually brought the best out of people, the HUMANITY." The devastation, the rain and flood created in Chennai, Cuddalore and Puducherry, has made many people to begin their life again from Zero.

WOE, are of great pleasure and joy to have large hearted and generous peoples supporting them in their endeavor, especially during this time of crisis in Chennai and also in Cuddalore.

WOE has formed different teams headed by Pr. G. Azhaguprakash, Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Raju, Pr. R. Benjamin for the Chennnai and Cuddalore Flood Relief. The Teams have identified few flood affected areas and were able to feed hundreds & hundreds of people. The needy were also provided with Food, Provision Items, Biscuits, Bread Packets, Water Bottles,Blankets, Dresses (both used and new), Pump Stoves, Plastic Mats, Bed Sheets, Candles, Mosquito Coils, etc.

WOE continues to be on its foot in approaching the people who were thrown out of their house by the flood by providing them with provision items for one month and few relief items for their immediate requirement.