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Board of Trustees

Mr. B. Ranjan Daniel Founder Trustee

Mr. B. Ranjan Daniel, who is the mastermind behind the formation of WOE is a Graduate in Computer Science and is working in a prestigious concern in Chennai for more than 20 years. He is well known for his soft and diplomatic approach towards all realms of work, which makes it hard to find anyone who dislikes him. He has been actively involved in social activities that help in changing lives for good. Right from the early stage of his life, he has been yearning to contribute in strengthening and improvising the living conditions of the underprivileged by giving them a fair chance to compete with the better privileged. This background has lead to the birth of the WOE.

On 28-04-2016, he was awarded with the PRIDE OF NATION AWARD, by the Indian Arts Science and Cultural Foundation, Chennai for the Chennai Flood Relief operations performed during December 2015.

Furthermore, he was awarded the GEM OF TAMILNADU AWARD on 29-07-2014, by the National Integrity Cultural Academy, Chennai and The Peaks Magazine, Chennai.

On 19-11-2015, he was conferred with the SEVAI SEMMAL VIRUDHU (AWARD), by Naveen Fine Arts, Chennai and Mr. Liyakath Ali Khan, Film Director, Chennai.

Mr. D. D. J. Benjamin

Mr. D. D. J. Benjamin is a Retd. Central Government (Defense Production) Civilian Officer. He is famous in the society for his social activities, counseling of families under dispute, helping parents in finding suitable matches for their children, development of living conditions in backward / rural area and the like. He takes interest in the effective functioning of WOE by contributing his valuable suggestions, missions and plans for future and pragmatic advice.

Mr. M. R. Selvagunalan

Mr. M. R. Selvagunalan, is a Retd. Bank Officer from a reputed bank overseas. He is the key person responsible for the successful execution of the activities of WOE. He lends support to WOE by taking meticulous effort in locating and identifying the needy in order to help them get benefit from the WOE. Furthermore, he is the authority for the inspection of locations for review of the Board.

Mrs. R. Deepa Pauline

Mrs. R. Deepa Pauline, a Graduate, is working as a Teacher in a leading school in Chennai. She is in the list of efficient stalwarts of the school. She is a people-friendly person and has the knack of dealing with people in distress. She has been responsible for organization and management of events at the WOE.

Mr. S. Durairaj

Mr. S. Durairaj is a Retd. Manger in Animal Husbandry Department from State Government (TN). He is known for his generosity and helping tendency, both officially and socially. The WOE uses his administrative knowledge for smooth functioning of the trust.

Mr. Daniel Allen William

Mr. Daniel Allen William, a Graduate, is a diligently working Area Manager of an Insurance Company. He has received a lot of appreciation and laurels for various innovative projects implemented by him in the Company. He is known for thinking out of the box and has been helpful in giving novel ideas to WOE.

Mr. S. Mohan

Mr. S. Mohan is an Income Tax Practitioner by profession. He is principally a Commerce Graduate, and also a sincere and hardworking professional. He has been instrumental in compliance of legal and procedural formalities in connection with formation and registration of the Trust with the respective authorities. He gets along well with people from all walks of life with utmost integrity and is notable for the steadfast performance of any task assigned to him.